We only use high quality wax and wax products. Enriched with vegetable oils and natural resin, it is very gentle and nourishing for the skin.

Waxing Recommendations

        • Clients who are taking Accutane (must be off for six months), Retin-A, Glycolic acid or antibiotics are not recommended to have waxing services due to the sensitivity these products cause the skin.
        • Diabetics, hemophiliacs should also avoid waxing.
        • Not recommended on open sores, broken skin, sunburns, moles, warts, protruding varicose veins etc.
        • Hair should be at least 1/8″ in length or have 4-6 weeks of growth.
        • Avoid exposure to sun and hot water for 24 hours before and after waxing.
        • We recommend you schedule your waxing services 3 to 5 days before departing to a sunny destination.
        • Use a loofah after bath/shower to avoid ingrown hairs.